Vice President Joe Biden told a South Carolina environmental activist Friday that he opposes a controversial oil pipeline from Canada, but said he is “in the minority” inside the Obama administration, according to the activist’s account of the conversation.

Biden made the remark at Rep. Jim Clyburn’s annual “World Famous Fish Fry” Friday evening, where he met Elaine Cooper, a Columbia resident and group chair of the South Carolina chapter of the Sierra Club, while working the ropeline amongst hundreds of supporters in attendance. An email obtained by BuzzFeed from the organization’s national program assistant, Jessica Eckdish, provides Cooper’s record of the encounter, in which she “was able to ask Vice President Biden if he supporting [sic] rejecting the Keystone XL pipeline,” Eckdish writes.

The email continues: “Here’s his response from Elaine: He grabbed my Sierra Club hat on my head and said, ‘yes, I do β€” I share your views β€” but I am in the minority’ and smiled.”

Joe Biden Tells Supporter He Opposes Keystone Pipeline, But Is β€œIn The Minority,” She Says

  • May 8
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